Do you think IF will ever make a pro feature free for sometime?

Do you think IF will ever make a pro feature free for a while?

i hope they do because i don’t have pro and i wanna play in pro only servers and get access to pro only aircraft so pls IF make it free for a while…

I think not because it’s exactly what they want with the free version: make people want the pro. And the free version is to test some aircraft and places and also to make us want the pro.

It’s the marketing 🙂

The reason why IF needs pro so they can make money and using that money to improve game features, etc. If there was no pro, then the game would not be as good quality as right now. This is just my theory


i don’t have money

then can they make it free for at least 1 day

If you just want to test it, you can buy a subscription for 1 month and remove it directly, then you have 1 month to test it and it’s only 10 bucks, how can you don’t have only 10

do you think i live in usa

no, why? It’s approximately the same price everywhere and change depends of country

Neither will we for development, servers etc. if we make it free.