Do you think all business airlines will make it?

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Do you think all business class airlines, like La Compagnie and Open Skies will make it??? I think they will!

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La Compagnie Boutique is something like a budget airline, which also has some problems with the organization (flights were cancelled pretty often).
I still prefer flying in a “normal” Business Class.

Some business airlines work, others do not if they don’t choose their audience and routes wisely

I wonder whose comment this was inspired by:


La Compagnie seems to be doing fine. Despite all the failures in the past, as long as La Compagnie doesn’t expand too fast too quickly and they have the adequate planes on hand, they should do fine. However, next time the economy suddenly falls and/or fuel prices start to rise, then they’re in choppy waters. Hopefully they’re established enough that thise don’t kill them.

I hope so!

I wonder…

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I doubt they will make it.

These airlines, flying from CDG/Orly to New York can’t compete against Air France, Delta, American or United - flying on the same route.

Few people even know these airlines (Openskies, La Compagnie) in France. When you hear Air France, you know the brand, the airline. You trust the airline and you know what you are paying for. When you hear La compagnie (which stands for The Airline), I doubt people chose this one.

One of my friends had to fly from Paris to NY. Openskies from Orly was way less expensive than AF. But his parents still decided to fly AF.

These airlines don’t have a big Fleet - nothing compared to the majors.
I would prefer to fly AF A380-800 in Eco rather than La Compagnie’s B757 :))

My choice, please don’t take it wrong!

I disagree. I would much rather fly La Compagnie or Open Skies than the major airlines.

No problem my friend, I respect your opinion! :))