Do you takeoff off at 100% power on Infinite flight?

  • yes I takeoff at 100% power.
  • no I takeoff bellow 100% power.

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It dependes on runway length and load.

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On free flight yes but advanced and pg never unless in a heavy aircraft I go 100% then turn it down a bit so I don’t get a speed violation

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I never take off with more than 90% N1


On a propeller, yes


Depends, usually no. But if the runway is shorter, and i’m using a larger aircraft yes.


Depends on what type of A/C and runway length.

I.e. at EGLC you must use all power.

Propeller driven aircraft(with exceptance to Dash 8) must use all power.

Jet engine, you can use flex(which ist at approx. 85-90% N1).

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IF is not a play, it is VIRTUAL FLIGHT ok!

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It’s depends on the aircraft I fly. For example I don’t use 100 power for takeoff when I fly F-22, but I do for any commercial aircraft unless it’s incredibly light like current B787

I usually take off at 85% power, but it depends on runway and load.


I use enough power to get me off the ground: which is below 100% always unless in light props.


85-90% di N1 is ok

I take off with only 75% throttle sometimes.

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You should be focusing on maintaining 90% throttle for most airliners. Its standard procedure. Aircraft like the Dash-8 average at 83% throttle or a bit below.

If your aircraft doesn’t make the length of the runway, than you know you can’t fly it on that airport. But check your weight settings first.


Depending on the plane (with how some are crazy OP) I can use 70-95 N1 just fine on 75% load…(again depending on the aircraft…)

I takeoff with 75-90% power on a commercial jet. Like everybody else has said, it depends on the aircraft and runway length.

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I like to use between 75-85% depending on the Runway and Load.

Only in the F22 :)

I only use 100% N1 if I have a heavy load or short runway. Also if nimrods are taking off from one end and I need to get over them.


I always gauge it at between 83% and 85% so the N1 is somewhere around 100% and doesn’t exceed it… but when I’m bored in FFS… Here comes the maximum! 😂

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