Do you restart your device before doing a long haul?

Just curious lol

Do you restart your device before doing a long haul?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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Whats the purpose tho?

Some one said it can reduce the chance of game crash, which I am experience on that recently.

I think it helps so thats why I do it

sometimes lol

I’ve never crashed so I don’t know if it works. It shouldn’t hurt.

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My device recently crashed when I was almost on final on a flight from KEWR-WSSS

Thats rough. 19+ hours just for that.

Yeah :/

Occasionally. The user guide says it may help reduce the chance of an app-crash (as it closes all other external phone tasks from other programs)

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Well not all the time. But say your device tends to crash when you do a long flight (mine doesnt) when you reset the device it just helps to clear everything up.

I dont really think it matters. I mean after 20.1 i did a 14 hour flight with the A350 using an IPAD MINI 2!

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I do, usually every week or 2

Well yes that’s true but I only do it when I’m on a device that can’t really handle it. My iPad can handle it so I don’t do it that often to save time:)

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Mine crashed when I was like half an hour away from landing from a London to Sydney flight. So yes, my iPad does crash sometimes, but not often

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After the days of when IF used to crash for me after every long haul flight when the A350 came out. The Devs recommend it, and it’s been something I have kept doing beyond. Have never had the game crash for a while now.

But I turn it off after EVERY flight, just something I do, and I believe it helps your device rest, and reset itself!

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In the 5 years ive used IF I’ve never restarted my device before any flight and the app has never crashed on me. (hope I don’t jinx myself here)

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