Do you remember ATC in solo mode?

Like 2 years ago in solo you had the option to turn on ATC. Why was this taken out of the game a d did you guys like it?


It was just background noises. Became quite annoying in my option because it was repetitive. Didn’t serve much purpose.


Yes I remember it would just keep saying…“resume and navigate”


I never remember that until someone reminds me 😂 I don’t really play solo but I rmeber when I did before Live that it was pretty annoying


I agree, it did get annoying after awhile


I don’t remember it, but I’ve played other sims that have it and it’s only the same 3 comms repeated over and over. If it was anything like that, then removing it would be the “feature” in my opinion.

Ohhhhh, I loved that noise. I would sometimes just sit in a 172 at KSAN and listen to it. Ah such good memories!

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Just go to if you enjoy listening to ATC. If you’re gonna listen to it, listen to content that’s live and not repeating every two minutes. Just my outlook.


Yeah plus sometimes IRL I will go and just sit in my plane, turn on the avionics and listen to it right there at the airfield.


Same here. Nothing better than being there in person listening and observing. Also when I am near an airport and not actually in a plane, I’ll tune in on my handheld radio. Much better than the background ATC sounds that used to be in IF. They got rid of them for a reason!

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yes very true

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Yes you can find old videos that have the old sounds.

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I miss the old ATC background ambiences back in the days…

Yes, It was nice. I wish we still had it.
It’s like the space shuttle or the solo achievements.
If you have a feature why do you get rid of it?


Because it doesent fit in with what FDS wanted, most planes are high quality and realistic so why keep the unrealistic space shuttle for a flight sim?

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The battery in your plane must die often then.

I honestly really enjoyed it but they may have taken it out to promote live.

No I have it hooked up to ground power.

Omg yes it was so annoying

I didn’t mind it when I didn’t have live. I used to memories some of it 😂