Do you prefer the new or old ATC (Poll)

With the implementation of the new ATC, the ES has changed dramatically. I feel it’s become more and more like the training server, just with better pilots. Since this change the ATC diversity at airports around the world has greatly decreased. Mainly the regular airports like on the TS are controlled. They should of at least consulted IFC before implementing these changes. So in saying that, do you prefer the old or new ATC?

  • Old ATC
  • New ATC

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The new ATC schedule brings up a huge change for the Expert server and also the IFATC team.
There were discussions about this on the Forum before.
This topic is probably the one with the most replies and diverse opinions.
I do understand that such a change is something that is not easy for anyone because it changes the way it used to be for some years now but all I can say is that the new system offers many more opportunities.
We have this new schedule since 16 days now and we should all give it some time until we judge this new system.
The new system isn’t completely finished yet and there are plans to improve this system with the time and we should at least give it some time until it fully integrated and becomes the planned additions to improve the experience for everyone.


I don’t miss having to fit between the 20 jets flying the same route every time I join an active region.

Also, if the same airports are always controlled it’s because ATC chose the place they want, same way the pilots fly where they want.

IFATC are not altruistic monks managers of the sim-wide traffic flow…

I mean, they just changed it so I’m gonna be a pacifist

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