Do you prefer Scattered or Broken Clouds in infinite flight?

Dear Infinite flight community,

I had a very beautiful flight from (JFK - ATL) in a Triple 7 200ER with Delta airlines. During the flight I was stuck between a decision of Scattered or Broken clouds while I am flying. Both setting inputs look Amazing but with Broken Clouds I can’t really see the scenery while I’m flying. I’ve never exactly used scattered but I chose that input today for a brief time and I was able to see more of the scenery. I’m just stuck with this decision and since this community is Very helpful, I just wanted an opinion of what input for the clouds would be better or do you all prefer? Thank you for your time!

@Captain_Ian ;)


I would personally mix both of them resulting a clear view of the scenery but still able to enjoy and see the new clouds!
This is my current setting

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Thanks! Also I usually have my clouds altitude set at 23,000ft because clouds are normally at that altitude! I would recommend :)

I use the border between Scattered and Broken clouds with 20,000 - 25,000 ft.

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I use 23,000ft because that’s the normal altitude where you will intersect with the clouds in the air.

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