Do You Prefer Flying at Night or Day?

Flying at night is not realistic because of enlighten, taxilights, taxiway lights etc.

Day flying until they improve the night lighting.

Hopefully once that is improved, maybe we can introduce a permanent current time for Expert Server 👀

If we had proper lighting in Infinite Flight, it would definitely be night time for me. However, we don’t, so I fly using current time during the day and “Noon” at night. Once we get real lights in IF, though… I’mma always use current time no matter what 😏


daytime fosho I love seeing traffic while I takeoff n land and at night I wouldn’t be able to see them well…

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It would be night if there were taxiway lights.

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Day… why fly at night? It’s so boring. I mean you can’t really enjoy the terrain as there are no lights to see it. So cities are useless at night.

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This significantly improves the night flying experience^

I always use Current time. I actually like flying at night as it presents a challenge and some realism. Once we get city lights and taxi lights tho, omg.

I accidentally chose night but i prefer flying in the daylight therefore the game needs work done for the night time on the aircrafts and airports

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You earned my respect if you prefer night time flying it’s a freaking nightmare for me

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I’ll fly using real time, however i’ll set it to late evening if I can’t see the ground to keep it realistic as possible while flying in areas that are in night time.

Night flying has potential but it is really neglected, taxiway lights and streetlights would definitely make night time more enjoyable.

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I prefer flying during the day because I’m able to see where I’m taxiing. When the taxi lights have been released, I’d definitely prefer to fly at night

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Day so I can get around the airport

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I almost always fly current time no matter what. What helps me when taxiing at night is maximum screen brightness and being in a dark room. A bit shady (wink).

Well I can’t see anything at night so…lol

Day because at least I can see where I’m taxing and you can enjoy the great scenery this rock has to offer

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I always use current time when I fly

I try and fly with the actual time of day for where the flight is taking place. I do enjoy flying at night when you get the glow of cockpit lights. But I miss seeing the city lights from the sky and I usually switch to day for landing and take off…well until we get those taxi lights!!