Do you plan your flights?

Do you guys plan your flights for the next day ahead of time? I look at the schedule and plan. For example tomorrow I am going MIA-SFO and later SFO-SIN. Do you guys plan or just kind of wing it?

I have a schedule for the entire week :)


It just forms in my head. Nothing more, nothing less.


use to make the Flight Plan

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Going to and clicking on random flight in te live tracking section and then following my long tutorial for making flight plans with and then exporting the XML to

I Also What Fpltoif Random And Very Cool lol


Oh yes I do but thinking of @TaipeiGuru and how he has a schedule for he entire week gonna start doing that now but usually I spawn in 20-30 mins before departure to create realism and I plan some during that time get everything ready for the flight and I’m off in the past three to four days I have done KTPA-KSTL KATL-KMCI KMCI-KABQ KABQ-KSAN KSAN-KOAK KOAK-PHNL PHNL-PHOG and tonight I’m doing PHOG-KSJC then to Denver or Las Vegas and I will go from there


No. But I use IF like a couch pilot that I am.
I don’t want to last 9 hours in a flight. So I do small flights between 100 Nm to 500 Nm. And yes I use a big A330 for short travels (I’m in my couch).
So I don’t take care of mountains and I use FLXXX where XXX = Distance (Nm) +20 (max FL370) it works like magic!
So I make a flight plan directly in IF without using SimBrief+FLPtoIF. And if there are mountains I manage my way!
I think that the relief will be back in the map so making a flight plan with my way would be safier.

Yes I do even months in advance.


Short Answer: No I never plan.

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YUP - when a new ATC schedule is released - the next couple hours are spent planning for the week ahead

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Sometimes i make fpl, sometimes direct, then manual heading when there’s someone heading towards me on same path and altitude to avoid collision :)

Somtimes my flight planning is more then the flight, I have to

  1. File a flight plan on flptoif
  2. Enter every single waypoint to configure for infinite assistant VNav.
  3. Copy flight plan to ForeFlight and select and approach for landing based on detailed weather analysis.

I am a real life student pilot ground school student so this has all helped me practice. A lot…

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Not really, sometimes I may takeoff without a plan of where I’m going

Do you note your schedule on any specific app or program? Or do you just write it down on a piece of paper? Or is it just in your mind?

I have a table on Google Docs with the server, route, aircraft, airline and time of departure.

Cool! I’ll check out some options

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A bit of both really! Once the IFATC schedule has been posted I look to see the featured Airport as well as other regions to see if there are any flight left I fancy or fit in with my VA routes. However I don’t always fly those as might change my mind!

However for every flight I do, I do plan in full using FPLTOIF as well looking at fligtaware and pull up the correct charts too.

What is your flight schedule? If you don’t mind me asking.