Do you plan on being a pilot?

Yes. And I will be taking the Air Force route on this one. Saves money and hey, could be 10 years of awesome stuff.


My wish is to move from Texas to Chicago and fly for american on the CRJs, 737s, and then 787s or 777s.

Hopefully, I’m able to get my private pilots licence (and perchance a 172) and fly the 789 for Air Canada. 🙏


I had considered being a pilot, but it’s expensive, the staring salary isn’t the greatest, and I might have a tough time being away from my family for so long. I plan on being an Air Traffic Controller and I’m going to Embry-Riddle starting this year. All things aside, I love to travel and visit new places so being a pilot wouldn’t be too bad, but I’ve always wanted to be the one in the tower.

Yes, I do! I will be starting my PPL Knowledge Exam prep here in September, then hopefully taking the exam at the end of spring break, then taking flight lessons!

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I think that being a pilot for lifestyle specifically would be hard. In the beginning during your 20s/30s I would never really get home time, so I don’t think I will pursue an aviation career. Having an aircraft of my own and leisure flying though is one of my goals in life.


Honestly, when i was a teenager i thought about it a lot and wanted to become a commercial pilot. However, after I received my college degree and got engaged, I decided that the pilot lifestyle is not for me. Pilots spend most of their time traveling and very little time with their family and friends, which is why I ultimately made the decision to not pursue aviation. I would like to get my PPL though.

Yes I do it’s so awesome 😆

The thing is @Alex_Kyte, I can ba a pilot for a few years and then, with that knowlage and a engineering degree, go and design or engineer aircraft

You will not get your pilot pension from the FAA/airline if you are only a pilot for a few years, I believe.

Pilot pay is bad? Haha, got to disagree with that one. As an FO you can make $100k which is what people dream of, and as a captain you can make $200k+. It really isn’t bad.

As everything in the airline industry, seniority is king. If you stay with a company longer they will allow you to work your own schedule, stay with your family longer, and not work on holidays. It just takes time and dedication, and soon you’ll have the best office view in the world.


I’m actually currently training to become an airline pilot in the UK. I signed a MPL contract with EasyJet and can’t wait. If anybody needs any help or questions with the interview stages etc, or any aviation knowledge which could be applicable to IF, then message me.

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Its a pilot job or bust. With the shortage of pilots coming up quickly there will be a huge increase in the salary and the job perks. There is no place I would rather be than in an airplane. Going on one on Wednesday and then back to DEN on the following Monday then off to MIA on a red eye.


Actually I do plane on being a pilot I am actually working on my ppl and I have flown in a Cessna 172 a few times

Honestly, although I love aviation, I don’t want to be a pilot. In my opinion, it would take quite a while to become one if I were to take the ROTC route (I think you have to serve 8 years in the Air Force or Navy), and airlines either don’t pay well, make you work crazy hours, or both. And I’d rather come home every day to see my wife and kids (if I get those). My real dream job is to work in sports media. A decent-paying job that I want to pursue.

But that’s just my opinion.

Like a lot people I’ve always wanted to be a pilot since I could remember. I wanted to attend Embry Riddle in Daytona but later decided against it since I’d need to get things like a Visa and studying in the USA is unreasonably expensive compared to the other options that I have. I’ll be starting my senior year of high school soon and after I graduate I plan on moving to the Netherlands (I’m from Curacao, a little Dutch Caribbean Island) to study Aviation Operations and the university I plan on attending (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/HVA) offers Pilot training in the 3rd and 4th year of the course.

I definitely want to become a pilot for the a350 or a320, I will start training soon hopefully:)

Pilot Joe did a very good job on why you should or shouldn’t. I’d love to be one, personally.


I do want to become a pilot. It’s been my life long dream that I want to accomplish. Although you have good points about the salary not being as much as one would think and family time would be limited, I still want to pursue such a fun job.

I did one of those at the beginning of June this year

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