Do you plan on being a pilot?

Ever since I was little kid, I loved aviation. I always played airplane games and everything. My family used to fly a lot, and there was nothing I loved more than watching finding Nemo on an airplane in the middle of the night. I’m now 14, and I sometimes think about what I want to be in the future. Of course, I thought about being a pilot. Honestly, it’s my dream job. It’s just, there are many problems with it. First of all, pilots salary aren’t that big, I mean, they’re fine, but, I’m pretty good in school and everything and I think that I would deserve more salary. But salary isn’t the big problem. The main reason is that pilots BARELY have time for family. They basically live on the plane. That is the main reason I don’t plan on being an airline pilot. I’m planning on being on aircraft engineer, because it’s involved in aviation and also gets you good salary. And instead of being a pilot, I would play infinite flight, because it is my favorite flight simulator so far😊. What about you? Do you plan on being a pilot, or are you already one😆


Yes, I do.


My plan is successfully completed already. I’m a glider pilot and that’s what I love to do. I can’t imagine to work for an airline given the reasons you already stated. If I’m in the mood simply take off and enjoy flying wherever you want to. Non-commercial flying is the best in my opinion. :)


No, I’ll be behind y’all relaxing in business and FC through non revs and skymiles


Well my mom used to travel to the UK throughout my early years in youth and she would tell me lots of stories about her travels on an airplane and ever since I’ve wanted to be a pilot I’m ether thinking of getting my PPL license or a commercial license and going to the big airlines in fact next month I am getting a taste of flight school by going through ground school and taking a ride in a Cessna


I agree. Sometimes I think of buying a Cessna or something and flying it for fun:)


I plan to get PPL but I want to be ATC

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Well i did then things happened so now I just get to watch my dream instead of actually doing it :(

You and me both ;)

Except I’m a MileagePlus guy, not a SkyMiles person

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I plane on being a pilot, but if that doesn’t work out (but I know it will) I would probably want to be a graphic designer or physio therapist.

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Air crash investigation kinda prevented me from doing so

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Pilot yes, commercial pilot no. I want to just fly for fun. Whenever I want for fun.

I definitely would like to, but the cost for training seems too high. I feel like I’ll be able to get into some aviation schools like Embry Riddle, Purdue, or UND, but the costs are the problem.

Becoming a pilot is definitely my number one choice. According to Boeing, there will be an increased demand for pilots in the future. If only they’d lower the cost or have some type of special program…

If I end up choosing not to go that route, I’d definitely like to work in the aviation business industry.

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No cause though it seems nice to travel around and stuff, sitting on my butt the whole day, being jet lagged, being in a closed Enviorment for hours seems pretty bad tbh.


What do you mean? Like the TV show?

Short answer: yes
Long answer: yeah


I am on the same position as you. I think that in the future if I have enough money to have a Cessna, I will try to become that kind of pilot. I can’t see myself being commercial, though.

Hello I’m 16. Yes I’m planning to be a Pilot and if you want more information because I fly and actually I try to pass my pilot licence (PPL) I know everything which are required to be a Pilot and the neccesary studies (In France but I can search). And I you said sime things which are not very true but it’s normal :). You’re not obligated to be a pilot (as a job) but you can be a pilot by your passion. If you have an airfield near you. Go there and tank with them. Help them and they will understand that you love aviation. Maybe they going to take you for a little flight…(it happened to me, I’m lucky and I know it…). I can give you information, and a lot of people in the IFC fly on real life too (some of them are real pilots, PM them 😊)
Thanks and it would be a pleasure to take with you.

Fo sho

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I hoping to become a pilot. Going to fly a 737 simulator in a few weeks and then i will do some flying lessons and then start building up hours