Do you oversleep and fly pass the airport?

This happened to me many times where I was supposed to land at 6 in the morning my local time but the extreme tailwinds made it where I went 700nms past the airport when I woke up at 5:30 am, but I want to know have you ever overslept and miss the airport by hundreds of nms?


Yep, it happens. I’ve learnt that the tip is to include a few sharp turns at your destination so the plane circles the airport (trying to make the turn) until you wake up.


yes! too many times!


No because I have to wake up at a certain time for school and since it’s online I time my flights to land during class so I’ve never overslept flights

Oh you have no idea. I timed a RPLL-KLAX flight to arrive at 8:00 A.M my local time. I woke up at 7:30 A.M but I was still 45 minutes out. I went back to sleep thinking I’d wake up and overshot LAX by so far. I woke up and was cruising near the Utah/Colorado line.


Yes, when I flew from LFPG-RCTP during FNF, but I woke up with the plane circling above Taipei.


I always have an alarm set to go off around 45-60 minutes prior to arrival.

i was flying from Frankfurt to Atlanta in a LH 330. I overslept Atlanta and when i woke up i was above Chicago, luckily i had some fuel reserve, so i head back to ATL and landet afterwards.

Oh my oh my!!..this scenario, at first was annoying but funny depending on where I find myself after overshooting the intended destination, but now it doesn’t irritate me as it means more hours to file for my VA…lol

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Yes! Its so annoying to make a 360 and descend at -3000 🤣

Yas! I once flew from Cancun to Gatwick and I woke up and I was half way across the Atlantic again! The flight said it would be 10hours but thanks to 110kt tailwind, it was 8hr 30min

Rarely, typically I’ll only pick long haul trips which are within a reasonable time, or on a night like tonight, I’m flying a relatively short overnight between Misawa Japan and Seattle, so I took a nap this afternoon, and put on a pot of coffee for the night.

Yes I do, it happened to me so many times and I get upset over overshooting my destination especially when I’m doing a real life flight professionally. When I overshoot, it makes feel like I’m a troll where I end the flight and have to start the flight all over again.

Pilot: WTH with this person trying to have me circling on the sky for ages! lol

really true. And sometimes I was having class and I can track it on MapFlight but I just cannot touch the iPad…

A few times I have, if I don’t hear my alarm.

I also had the opposite, waking up with hours still left on my flight because of unplanned headwinds


Remember The red nose 787?

Tell them what happened- to you

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Personally, I’ve overslept and overshot my destination only a few times. Most notably, I was flying LHR-MCO in the British 772 and ended up somewhere over Greenland (it was a light load and a bit much fuel).

Something even worse happens to me, I overslept and vnav had made me crash.

WAY too many times