Do you need to stop to request taxi to parking?

I just landed in Geneva and once I landed and exited the runway, I kept moving and then request to taxi to parking. But, right before, I mean .05 seconds before I requested taxi, I got the “Please wait before taxiing!” message. Sometimes I get this, but most the times I don’t so for clarification, do I need to stop after exiting a runway? Should I?



Yes. Most of the time there’s no one around, but there can be. Just requesting halfway to the gate makes the request moot.

We try to keep you rolling if we can, but once you’re past the hold short and off the runway entirely, you need clearance. It’s not a formality.


In real life the pilot can talk to the controller relatively quickly so it doesn’t take up to much time. In IF it takes a while because you have to press some buttons here and there but if it’s a busy airport I usually stop and ask for permission first. If it’s not so busy then it’s fine.


Right, in real life the tower controller is telling them exit November one onto mike contact ground etc.

Unfortunately we don’t have that so when there is a chance for an incursion we need to be able to avoid it. But, like I said, we do want to keep it as fluid as possible.


I just contact ground when I am exiting the runway just before the taxiway. I do it as quickly as I can because my need is minor compared to what else the controller has to deal with.


I wish Tower’s command could just be " Exit Runway (left/right) and Monitor ground. 99% of the time when I request taxi to parking I get it immediately. With this command tower wouldn’t have to waste time switching back over to the ground frequency unless its actually necessary.


But say there’s high levels of traffic (like an FNF). Tower would then have to switch to ground anyways to tell you to hold position. It’s better for you to request clearance because then at least tower knows you won’t move (and hit anybody) until they tell you to.


The problem with people contacting ground as they are vacating the runway is that they didn’t vacate YET. The command says contact ground when OFF the runway. So you shouldn’t be contacting ground before crossing the H/S line. So in IF, you need to pass the H/S line, contact ground, stop, request taxi, continue taxi. In real life, the frequency of ground control is already set, by the press of a button you are with ground and you are cleared really fast. Also, the tower issues you a more complex instruction to vacate to runway to keep you rolling. So that’s why if you’ve already took the plane IRL you’ve noticed that most the time you don’t stop after the landing. But this is IF, so just follow exactly what the commands say and wait before clearance for everything.


Yeah I mean it can be used is different situations but I think I think most of the time it would be fine. Even when I hop on to do some training server controllers I find it annoying to have to switch back over to ground just to give someone a clearance to taxi with barely anyone around.


I’m pretty sure you pull off of the runway past the hold short line, request parking, then continue.


I will usually stop once if completely if In anything that’s not ga and wait to get cleared, if its ga then I’ll do a 5 knt gs taxi till cleared

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