Do you need Clearance to use Runway 26R/08L at EGKK?

You probably know the drill. Only 26L/08R is used in real life and 26R/08L is used for taxiing to and fro those runways. As it’s technically not a runway, does one need clearance to cross or use it?

Yes, yes you do.

It is a runway in IF operations, so yes, you do need clearance to operate on it.

It is also a runway as well in real life, by the way. If 26L/8R is out of operation for any reason, they will use it. Nobody should be pulling that “is never a runway” card.

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Unfortantly there is no command for using that runway as a taxiway as it is used in real life.

Just to add on to what Josh said, If they would never use that runway, why would it be there in the first place?

Because they used to regularly use that runway, but not anymore

The never regularly used it. As said before, it’s only used if the main runway is shut down.

For example, when they found a hole in the main runway, they used the small one until fixed.

But what about… say…40 years ago

They use it for emergencies only

The smaller runway was built later.

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We can have this thread over and over. Until FDS and the airport team removes the markings, I will be treating it as a legitimate runway and expect pilots to accept their assignment and not spam the other runway request.

Sometimes there is unrealistic traffic and unless you use both it will result in long delays for pilots on the ground.

I think the biggest issue is the lack of a hold short line.


In real life you don’t need any clearance to enter or cross since it is not a live runway. However, in IF you do.

I am not saying the IF approach is wrong btw, it is just an easier way to deal with it in the sim and have consistency and I am happy to go along with that.

Yeah. Should definitely be fixed

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