Do You Need ATC Coverage?

Hey, My names Paul and I’ve been playing Infinite Flight For Quite A While Now. A few months after I started playing the game I became really interested in Controlling Airspaces and being Atc. Now, I’ve been seeing a lot of upcoming events which have been on The Expert server and rarely any on the Training server. And I understand why, On the training server you have people that actually are most likely to obey atc instructions and not fool-around. But on training its the opposite. So I wanted to know Since i’m not on IFATC if theres anyone thats going to host an event on Training and needs atc? I’d be 100% down to help.

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Check this out, some people may request ATC on training server.

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There will be occasional events held on TS - but the large majority are on ES so they arent at risk of getting a lot of trolls.


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