Do you like turbulence? Yes or No

  • Yes
  • No

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In the SIM, or in Real Life.

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If you’re flying a CCX, it hates it with a passion 😬


Not sure if he’s aiming to post in RWA. It could be within the sim as well

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I love turbulence. makes the day go quicker at work :)

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I don’t like turbulence.
Made me throw up every time I flew…
That were at least 10 times🤢

And about the sim, it’s a bit annoying putting on that seatbelt sign…

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Turbulence = Bad. Both in real life and in IF, I just don’t like it.


I love turbulence IRL tho I hate roller coasters


My stomach and GI system don’t react the best way to shaky flight.

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I liked turbulence, unless it’s a headwind.


I don’t mind having it IRL, turbulence is fun especially when you’re on approach. It wakes ya up.

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I love turbulence when I’m boring…

I hate turbulence when I have drink on my hand…

Fun flying in the sim, annoying during cruise…

Real world? Absolutely love it, as long as it’s not on for hours… Had that once, got bored because the attendants went to their seats for at least 2 hours when serving meals just 2 rows ahead of us.

I always love the feeling of turbulence, and being at the controls of a little Cessna during some little turbulence for me around the clouds… Nothing better!!!

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I love it!!!

In the sim I don’t care as I am in bed.

In real life I love it, the more the better. The best is when other passengers and screaming and you are just sitting. Cool as a cucumber, enjoying it. Once I was on DXB-GLA and we had turbulence most of the 7 and a half hour flight. It was great.


Worse time for me irl was from Vegas to LHR the turbulence went on for ages and everyone was really quiet or maybe praying

I love it its fun and I love seeing the other passengers being scared and screaming 🤣 it can be a little worrying sometimes yea, but I know better then most a plane isn’t going to flip upside down or fall from the sky. It’s literally designed to Not do that. I just see it as the same as driving on a bumpy road but in the Air.

In the sim, I mean, its’ great for ®ealism but a 737 at cruise with 90kts directly at the right wing is not fun.

In real life, it just adds to the adventure of flying!

Look … I spent a lot of time in fear of the turbulence and I learned that turbulence doesn’t bring down an airplane, but even so, turbulence creates discomfort. Even though I know nothing will happen. But in the simulation it only interferes with the approach hahahah So I don’t like it 😵😃😃😃😃

On long haul flights when the Inflight entertainment is bad, a little bit of terbulence is always a way to keep you interested in something

Take my trip from PHNL-NZAA, the inflight entertainment was eh. So I was just waiting for some winds to come. I have no idea why but I wanted it to come

i love it because in very severe turbulance sometimes you think your going to stall out and that feeling of being on the edge is great