Do you like the Dash 8-Q400?

Hey guys i bought yesterday the dash8 and i love the plane what’s about you ? Just vote when you have the dash8

  • Love it !
  • Hate it

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Its the 2nd best plane in the game after the B787-10 in my opinion


I like the dash 8 because it is still kinda new, has its own sound, completely new cockpit and is easy to fly.


Don’t fly it very often, but when I do I love it! Get to fly into smaller regional airports which I don’t when in a B777!!

When global comes out, will do one of my first flights in the Dash, in and out of. Newquay in Cornwall


And how is this topic useful?

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I was just wondering ;)

Topics with a sentence and a poll, news article or image is not contributing to the community. You have made quite a few of these topics now…

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I love the dash 8-Q400 as it’s a small propeller and has a nice cockpit and many other things.

Here are lot of peoples they like that topic when you not you don’t write comments ;)

The moderators have already discussed keeping topics more productive.

I love it! It’s great for small flights and when global comes out I will do Q link and flybe.

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