Do you like teasers? - VOTE NOW


Simple poll, in one of Lauras livestreams she mentioned that she and others in the team dont know if we like teasers. So answer the poll below and lets see.

  • Yes - I Like Teasers
  • No - Dont Like Teasers

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I understand why the team might think we dont like teasers as i have seem myself how many just get annoyed and start demanding the team release whatever they have teased, instead of using the opportunity to look forward to whatever is coming and share the excitement with the team.

Personally, i LOVE teasers! They just give me something to look forward to and then suggest liveries and makes me feel more included in some way, as a part of the IFC community.

Let me know what you think about teasers and if you would like to see more, i know i would.



With teasers come speculation. As much as I love them… We all saw what happened when FDS put up the TBM Start Up Video… 🙄


To be completely fair, we did encounter some last minute issues there that delayed the TBM for a week or two. It sucked, but what’s one gotta do? :)

Going to be interesting to follow this poll nonetheless :)


Teasers are popular, delay or not. Who doesn’t love a sneak preview 🤷🏼‍♀️


Yeah thats my thought too, they’re amazing! Poll backs that up for now 😂

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Teasers are the hype fuel. But like fuel on an aircraft, it shouldn’t really be too much or too less. But I get excited every time I see one 👍🏻😁


I like a teaser like the TBM one, or for example if we get the A330 a pic of one landing or something, but I don’t want a major video with all sorts of details, I like to explore that when it happens, but a little glimpse definitely gets me excited…


Teasers are what get us all hyped up about new aircraft! Even if there’s a delay, we know it’s worth it to get the aircraft with no glitches!

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@anon93248082 how could you say you don’t?!


Opens can of worms with an unpopular opinion

While I think showing progress of work is great there’s a fine line of showing an update vs bragging about an item. From my views watching moderators and staff mess with people with the TBM and then had a delay and went quiet it irritated me and others. If you’re going do an update discuss what you are working on, not creating a crazy hype and then taking over a week to admit there was an issue…


I understand what you mean… it can become a bit ott with some people taking it too far and leading to speculation however, i never saw staff or moderators messing with people. I’m confused by that a bit.

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Well if we’re talking about malteasers I like them but who doesnt like a good teaser


Love teasers and the suspense that comes with it


What is a teasers?

We didn’t know there was an issue at the start of that week - some factors are out of our control unfortunately, and we aim to be transparent about that as soon as we’re made aware :)


A teaser is when FDS leaks a bit of info on the future updates and features of the sim.

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I personally love teasers but with that being said
It’s all depends on how the “teasers” are done 4-5 months in advance, no thank you but 3-4 weeks I think I am great with that.


I respect that you all werent aware Apple rejected the update,But waiting till Saturday, if I recall? With the community pushing and finally getting an answer seems kinda odd. I do not know how quickly it takes Apple to inform you all that an update was rejected for any reason so I can’t comment on that. I can comment that it took a week after the announcement that Misha and Jason made that it was coming “soon” then unpinned the post and it went silent.

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I like teasers because as humans we are naturally curious. Teasers have an arousing way to engage newcomers and long time fans whether it be for music, movies, new product line or in this case here in this forum new advancements and enhancements to the app. A good example of this is from an article I read sometime ago while researching ways to recruit new firefighters and retain current firefighters in my 100% volunteer fire department.

In the late 1970’s Superman was practically a year behind schedule and they enlisted a marketing strategy “teaser” to re-spark and rejuvenate fans interests in their film.

Teasers are a great way for developers, producers, marketers or whomever to provide a glimpse of what it is or what may not come. They want to share their work through an outreach using a glimpse of the hard work. This strategy is great for conversation starters and gets people talking about the subject.

Thanks for reading and happy landings :)

My vote was yes :P


I agree! I’d also like to thank so many people for voting.