Do you like old infinite flight or new infinite flight

  • Pre Global
  • After Global

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Personally I like global as in Pre we didn’t have much space.

Only thing I miss from old version: the water texture/graphics


Let me guess… 100% will say after global…? That’s why they made it. People prefer it😉

Isn’t this better suited here?

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I feel like someone would like it before global

See someone likes it pre global

The water texture was really nice before. Otherwise, post-global is hands-down better to me.


Yeah, it’s really not a hard one; Global improved the overall gameplay substantially.

Before Global, it kinda felt weird for me flying on routes less than 200 nm, with an A380

I think one of the better aspects of pre global was that airspace was usually quite busy, due to the size constraints, meaning ATC was more frequent and airports felt more realistic. The shiny aircraft and better water textures were also something I miss.

But id never go back to it… the developers and testers work tirelessly day in and out to make this the best simulator possible, and without global it just wouldn’t be the same anymore :)


I think this topic isn’t so important. I can rephrase the question.

Do you like black and white or color films?


Yeah, it isn’t too fun landing at an uncontrolled airport, with no traffic.

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I liked pre global because the water effects and the lighting effects! But I’d rather give that up for global anyday

Only thing I miss from pre global is the center frequency and terrain map. They need to figure out how to get those back

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New infinite flight much more. If you want the same chaos as KNUC then go to LAX on TS. It’s crazy.

I like the new IF the most. although, I MISS THE SPACE SHUTTLE THE MOST!

New IF all day long

Will they bring the water quality back???

It’s something that probably will not happen, but it could. You can always vote for it too! ;)

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