Do you like being chased?

I don’t mind flying with folks but this is a bit excessive.
Flying from St. Bart’s to TNCM in a DHL C-208 and being followed by a 737.
Server: Advance

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Next time take that Caravan down low and slow. If he follows you down he’ll lose t. I got two in the water so far. Max Sends


What server where you on?

Advance Server

That’s annoying then… Of course on free flight they can do what they want but in advanced server it’s really immature. Just follow what Max said - Happy Landings ;)

Oh yes that would be amazing 😂. 65 kts. 50 ft. Have fun, 737


Great idea. Better yet ill hold MCA (minimum controllable airspeed).

I would suggest slowing right down and then ascending possibly putting the 737 into a stall.

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ahahah Max 😂

That was great max! Lol!

@rotate not sure what you meant by M - Mach Number.
I understand Vmca or mca which refers to minimum controllable airspeed.