Do you like a realistic route or a custom route?

hey IFC here a question for yall do you fly a realistic route like if the route in irl was taken on delta a320 lets say KJFK to KMIA which is actually a irl route! or just a custom route like a C208 flight from KBOS to KDCA which is like totally random and also not realistic.
In my opinion i like flying realistic routes!!

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I’d suggest continuing here.

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so i can just change this do you like taking irl routes or costom because it isnt would you rather it just do you like this or do you like this other thing

It’s technically a WYR question.

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Realistic routes as much as possible, but I find occasionally doing custom routes is really fun.

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I like realistic routes but I mostly do custom routes is more fun one airport i love flying into is Toncontin

Realistic routes but occasionally with custom aircraft

Not necessarily

practically not as he’s just asking what type of routes we like to fly, not would you rather fly this or that


I find realistic routes fun to fly but a little boring at times since you are just replicating a flight in real life. Custom routes are probably more exciting to me since you get to be creative with your flight plan and explore a sphere of land.

To me I like a realistic route because it helps me choose with airline and aircraft to fly on so I can fly on every single aircraft. This will give me an idea of which aircraft and airline that flies the route. It takes realism into a whole new world, such as feeling like I’m flying passengers from one city to another IRL

I personally fly with the wind lol i like to maximize my flight time by trying to catch a tail wind usually I’ll look for a realistic route first if that’s not within my time constraints then I go for the best option for my time to fly. If that makes any sense lol.

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I take the shortest one.

Depends if cargo then I don’t care if it’s realistic but commercial/airlines then 98% of the time I’ll do realistic

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I always do realistic routes with the airline and aircraft that they take irl, also making sure to park at their correct terminals. I only do custom routes for GA.

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Both, I like to use Flightradar24 to find routes to fly, and sometimes I like to do flights that aren’t necessarily unrealistic like I will find a airport and airline I want to fly and if I don’t want to do that route I will change the destination, that that plane might not realistically fly to.

let my man post what he wants😭

Realistic! It’s so much fun that way!

Many times I do realistic for short haul, but my long hauls I like to experience unique routes.

I like pushing endurance routes like YSSY-EGLL or a personal favorite is SBGR-RJTT.

I don’t want to limit my possibilities to only real routes or it will always be the same airports and it gets old fast.