Do you know your 777 engines

General Electric GE-90

Rolls-Royce Trent 800

Pratt and Whitney PW4000


As you can see the Trent 800’s have a smaller circumference and our higher above the ground
And the PW4000 Have that rounded part holding the fan blades
I think it’s amazing that each one of these engines have a different style of fan blades and circumference


There’s also the logos


Not all airline have the logos for example
American,Nordwind, or United

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I believe for those PW engines, the logo is on the inside side of the engine rather than the outside

The united old livery on the 200 has them out on the outside

Do the others not?

I don’t think so

No I do not know my 777 engines


Hey bro Nice first reply

I know the PW4000 is the one that’s grossly too large

It’s not much bigger than the GE

It’s supposed to be way smaller than the GE90, roughly the size of the Trent.

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