Do you know what "remaining in the pattern" means?

Whats is a immelman?

It is a Fighter-Manouver named after a famous WW-1 Pilot.
For more details take a look here:


The only way I can think of how you could possibly omit crosswind

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I understand the theoretical concept of patterns based on what ive learnt here but im not sure about the technical aspects of it.

As an ATC on IF, i usually just handle them as if they intend to do a pattern until certain perimeters i set are being broken.

When i see people who request a pattern with a filed FP to another aerodome, i send my pattern instruction and monitor them for abit.

Not sure if its the right method but i usually keep track of them up to 4-5miles and up to 3000ft.

If they are above 3000ft and is going further than 5miles out, i issue a quick freq change approved.

But ive seen huge patterns, pilots who goes 7-10miles but fly within 3000-4000ft altitide which helps me gauge alittle on their intentions.

But for most departing pilots i slot in a sneaky check help pages right after frequency change approve if they are departing and requested a pattern.

No real life flight or atc experience so i just do my best with the commands i have.

I have no idea and that’s why I don’t use it. :)

Yes, I do know what remaining in the pattern is :)

When would you use the ‘request departure’ command

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Only reason I can think of is when you’re in the pattern and want to leave.

When you want to make a departure out of towers airspace.

For example, I’m flying at a field doing a few touch and go’s and then I want to fly to another field to land which is to the south of the airport I’m doing patterns at.

You would then in this instance request departure to the south, meaning you want to leave the airspace flying south, normally you will be granted but it depends what other traffic is around, hope this helps!

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After you have been in the pattern and you want to depart.

Do not request departure to the N/E/S/W if you requested it in your takeoff clearance


Yes, I’m not a peanut

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Yes, i am not a potato

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Haha! That’s a very nice way to put it… thanks for sharing the information! It was extremely helpful!

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This post is very informative! But the problem is, the pilots that do not understand what “remaining in the pattern” means are sadly not on the forum or simply do not know the forum exists thus no improvement

However, great job on the guide

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so you’ve never flown a pattern!?

Of course I have flown a pattern

then you know what remianing in the pattern means; you takeoff,enter the pattern, and land again

Yeah I know. I knew ages ago, I was talking about something else when I said I never use it.

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@subtone @Brandon_Sandstrom… Missed this post back in March. Don’t think subtone is still with us so this one for Brandon or his clone. Does “Remaining in the Pattern” really signify a Touch & Go Hop? Seems it’s legal to test hop or joy ride out of the pattern within the controlled airspace depicted on the chart not interfering with flight ops with this call… Seem correct that you send “Remaining” then xmit intentions after you clear the pattern. intentions include Departure, Landing, T&G etc. Don’t think one call does it all in controlled airspace. MaxSends

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