Do you know of any good airports that are difficult to land at

I’m just wondering if you guys have any recommendation’s for airports that have difficult terrain or punishing weather that I can land at!

Punishing Weather:

Difficult Landings: The 17 Scariest Airport Landings In The World, And Why You Must Experience Them

Best of luck :)


KLAX. Thunderbolt lives near there. That’s scary enough.


My presence is ubiquitous. Muahahahaha.


Key West, Sint Maarten, Ronald Reagan National, Aspen/Pitkin, Innsbruck.

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If it’s KDCA, you would have to do the river approach for rwy 19

you should definitely try out Paro, Bhutan (VQPR)

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I wouldn’t say TNCM has challenging terrain… just a whole lotta sea.

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TFFJ. It’s hard in real life but even hard in Infinite Flight because the hill is literally invisible.

Yes. I crash every time when landing on 10…
So I use 28

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St Barthelemy TFFJ
Lukla VNLK
Juancho e Yrausquin (Saba) TNCS
Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo LPMA
Barra EGPR
Courchevel LFLJ
Innsbruck LOWI
Gibraltar LXGB
There are many more,

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Are definitely my two favorite ones

Try Landing at Leh (VILH)

Tivat isn’t too easy you get a 20 degree turn about 20 secs before landing on runway 32.

Oh yeah and London City (EGLC) as well

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Hello my dear.
If you want to make your scales better try small airports using large aircraft with maximum load .
Like 👇🏻
A350 airport VEPY takeoof and landing with maximum load
Good luck and let us know .

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If you want to make Amsterdam Schiphol a bit more fun, you can do the circling approach into runway 24 if the winds are okay. Not incredibly hard, but a lot more fun than a normal 27 approach.

Every year my family goes to visit Wellington and the landing there are always so exhilarating!
More info to why here:

But yeah WLG or NZWN is a great one!

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