Do you hide the names of other players in IF Live or not? [Poll]

  • Yes, I do
  • No, I don’t

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I hide everything: names, landing aids…etc.
It is not realistic to have red squares in the sky! I know the name of the pilots flying around me with the map. No need to have landing aids, the ILS LOC and GS signals are enough + A320 Autoland in Poor Visibility.

No need to have all this :)

My opinion!


I usually only turn off landing aid since I sometimes like to turn the HUD off and land visual which might get hard not knowing which rwy you’re approaching (checking the map frequently is not an option for me ;)

I turn off everything and I NEVER fly in HUD or cockpit with HUD so I NEVER have maps so the only thing to guide me is my fpl that I make on ground, and ATC. So when I fly: Empty cockpit (although I have the dock bar with instruments) and no names or anything flying around me. I remember once I was flying and all of a sudden a 767 came rushing by my with just a few feet to spare. Anyway I do encourage you to go no HUD and no names because it is a very realistic way to fly.

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Several aircraft have HUD now. So not entirely unrealistic.


I sometimes hide names but sometimes let them on. It’s too difficult to see aircraft on a small screen and some don’t render until too close.

I fly with airport names, airplane names and dots off. But just like on a real aircraft, I do need my PFD (HUD) and my navigation screens (maps).
I would not be able to fly real world routes and approaches without my primary flight display and navigation screens.


Not only that, but there’s no way to see ILS indicators without an HUD.

Generally, I have everything off except for the HUD, and no yoke on the information bar. Only a little time needed to adjust right at the beginning and makes the experience far more realistic.

When controlling I have a bit more information just for entertainment - players names and airport names. The latter is a quick way to see wind conditions when you first sign in


I do whilst flying.
I enable names while ATCing ;)

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How is landing without a glide slope and localizer realistic?

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When I’m flying I only have them on so I can see who is who. I don’t want to get separated from a group event for example…


Might have to give this a go!

i do when i want take screenshoots
i don’t when i want try to catch community users :)


I do my best…

Normally I do, unless in group flights