Do You Have Your Own Plane?

Now i would like to see your plane because i know there are many different ones. I don’t have a plane so i have no picture but if you do, please talk about and (if possible) leave a picture of it. I’m sorry if this opening is short but i don’t have much to say. The aircraft has to be a your own plane, a real one too!

Happy Flights!! ;)


As in a private jet or bought GA plane? Well I’m a teenager, so first I figured I’d get a car once I come of age. I have a bike… but no plane.😂


LOL if u have a plane at all really

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I have like diecast 1:200 model planes🤷🏾‍♂️


a real plane like one u can fit in LOL

So a Cessna Citation Latitude counts?


yup just as long as it is yours any plane that u own that u fly

Ohh, we have to fly it? Then no, my family have a Citation Latitude but I don’t fly it.

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I have Diecast 1/400 Does that count? They are planes!!

Think that could be the closest, as owned by your family and you get to fly in it, though guess you employ a pilot to actually fly it for for you?

I am a student pilot for a glider plane. I technically fly it, so does it mean I kinda own it as well? Btw, if you are asking, it is the Let L-13 Blaník

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I don’t technically ‘own’ this aircraft, but I share this aircraft with several other people. This video is also at the airport I fly at. Credit

Is this your close family? That’s really cool!

Yeah, My dad got it last year. I’m going on it from LA to New York next week!

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Dang son! That pretty good!

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That’s co cool! What’s the registration, maybe I can track you!

I’m just going to warn everyone here,

Don’t lie about it…

Not naming names, but people have gotten suspended here for it before. Just fair warning…


N83PM, You can track me if you want, I’m going July 9.


Wow! Your family owns a Cessna 680A, good stuff!

No but i think most people on the forum want one.