Do you have to participate in an event you make?

Hey there!

I can’t seem to find the correct answer, so I’m making this.

lets say I want to organize a Fly-Out. For example a LYBE fly-out. Since its a fly-out, do I technically have to participate? After all, its not a landing competition so I don’t have to be present.

I’m asking this because I would like to organize a fly-out for others to have fun in, and get a specific airport busy, but I don’t have a sub.

I’d appreciate an answer! Thanks!

Also, I’m pretty sure this is in the correct category.

Well you don’t have to but you should really

Are you 100% sure? I want to make an event but I don’t want to be violating the rules. (Well, if this even Is a rule)

Well you should be present to

1.) manage the event, especially on the day of

2.) make sure everything is running smoothly

Yeah, no worries for that.

It would be like I’m participating, but spectating. If that makes sense lol.

So I can?

Btw thanks @TaipeiGuru for changing the category.

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There’s no rule for it, no.

But i don’t see the point with it as there are many events created by users who intends to participate in their own ones, but end up with having a low turnout. Better to help in improving the events that already are on the way than to create new ones which you yourself can’t attend on.


Yeah, thats true.

What I wanted to do was organize a Fly-Out in which we can make a small airport busy, but instead of me participating, I’d be spectating from LiveFlight or something.

I haven’t made up my mind yet though.

Thanks for the answer though Seb!

If you intend on doing a lot of the logistical stuff behind the scenes in PMs, coordinating, there’s no reason why you should fly and just spectate instead. It’s a lot of work, can be hard to concentrate on both at the same time if you have no help.

I don’t have a sub at the moment. Thats why.

But you make a good point.

Do you mean you want another person to host the event you worked on?

No, I want to host an event without a sub. So I cant participate, but I want others to have fun!

If you don’t come, I suggest doing this:

I once attended an event in which the host had to eat dinner with his family. He delayed it at first, but then decided to let it start, and let another user co-host until he arrived.

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