Do you have the Pro Subscription for LiveFlight?

I love LiveFlight. The Infinite Flight Tracker is amazing. I realized I could purchase a subscription for it. But is it worth it?


I personally don’t, but use Infinite Radar as it’s most of the same features for free.


I have a year one and have been on it for 2 years now. I say it’s pretty worth it if you use liveflight for planning and finding your friends. I use liveflight almost everyday so for me it was worth it.


I do. The windows vs App is nice. The app gives your more notifications than what windows can provide.


I do! I’ve been on it for about 1.5 years now. It’s awesome, especially the notifications and searcher ;)

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It’s pretty cheap tbh, so I have it

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   Without doubt,LF is so good. But in my opinion, mapflight(a APP like LF,but have more free function)  is  also a good APP for flights. For example,it's cheaper and can find active ATC .......

Different people have different opinions.Whatever you use , the right is the best.😄

I’m currently staring at LiveFlight watching my plane get closer and closer to Tel Aviv.

I currently pay $3 AUD per month for LiveFlight Pro. Sign-up for the subscription via their desktop site rather than the app because the desktop site charges like $2.50 than the app.

I think it’s well worth it even if other trackers have more features. And $3 a month is a drop in the ocean compared to the utility you can derive.

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I have the 1 year subscription, it’s actually a great app and worth pretty well, it’s pretty easy and perfectly done

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