Do you have some replay files you want to share?

Is there Some of you guys that have Some replay files i Can see in IF Example


Or Dubai to Washington if you have some replays you want to share I really want to watch them so send the replay fill here please 🙏🏿

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Dubai to Washington, B777-300ER, Emirates. Did the flight a few weeks ago actually.


Omg bro you got me there😂😁

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As soon as YouTube opened, I knew where that was going - the video never actually started because I close the app so technically doesn’t count 😏🙃


sigh… so close

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As soon as YouTube opened I yelled, “RICKROLL INCOMING”


I saw the title and I swiped right then and there.
It didn’t even load! 😂😂


Jokes on you, I actually like that song

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No no no no… that’s not meant to happen

I do, Abuja-Dubai and Abuja to Paris. I don’t know how to share replay files though.

I think my favorite replay file was when I did KDFW-LIRF

I have a replay of an airliner formation flight… And I ended up making a backflip with a 777-300ER

Might send it we’ll see

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