Do you have any tips for flying?

So on 7/14 I’m heading out to St. Louis with American with a connection in Charlotte, and I was wondering, do you guys have any tips or suggestions when I fly, especially considering the condition of COVID? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

P.S. Some of you saw my topic when I asked for an airline to fly with (mainly budget focused) but in the end it didn’t matter much as I’m flying with my mom to see family and she found some miles on her AAdvantage account, so two of the four flights were free which saved the rest of the cost for the other two. Thanks anyways!

Oh and also look out for my trip report, it’ll be here by 7/19 or 7/20!

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Wear your mask, maintain social distancing, and be safe!


Wear your mask… mandatory on AA. Honestly CLT is a horrible airport. Be prepared to wait on the ramp or taxiway for a little bit for a gate. It’s one of the few airports you can be 10 min early but 30 min late into the gate.

Also, bring hand sanitizer, wipes etc and food and drink. AA doesn’t do service anymore unless they are over 2000 miles

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While I haven’t flown since January, I would definitely say (in addition to the measures mentioned by others, this isn’t enough to stay safe) it wouldn’t hurt to bring some hand sanitizer. You never know when you’ll need it

It might be helpful to bring along some sanitizing wipes as well, wipe down everything before you touch it. Also a plastic bag of some sort to put the wipes after you wipe down things. And obviously, wear a mask.

Wear a mask, stay away from people, stay safe, have fun, and take pictures 😜

I think they reworked B or C gates when I flew there last year and didn’t have a problem. It’s more American’s fault with delays, I’ve been to almost every major airport throughout the South and Midwest with them and I almost always experience delays.

Unfortunate they stopped service on short flights but I understand that, thanks for the tip!

@Thunderbolt @Suhas @snoman thanks for letting me know, I’ll be sure to bring what I need!

And Suhas, yk I’ll be taking pictures 😜

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Just be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that you are safe from the other people. But also enjoy it. Flying is a unique thing so don’t let this pandemic stop you from enjoying the flight. Have fun! Safe travels!

Little bit of A and D bust mostly B and C plus E for regionals

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