Do you have any practice tests for pilots? If you do

Hello, everyone!

So I was just wondering if you have any pilots knowledge exam, the kind that VAs would make you do to be able to be on that airline. For example, British Airways VA makes you do a 20 question test for your knowledge, to see if you fit on the VA.

Now, I am not asking for any specific VA´s test, but it would be nice to test my skills.

Thanks for everything!

From yours truly: SB

@Ecoops123 you are very knowledgeable… please help ;)


What exactly are you asking?

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@anon79257371, now your question’s answered

VA’s have practice tests. Which narrows pilots knowledge to the Va’s standards. I am sure a simple google search of pilot knowledge tests can help. Same with looking over #tutorials

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But, in reality, the internet tests just include crazy more complicated stuff that does not really matter in IF, so that is why I asked for a IF test.

I would still like to thank you for taking the time to respond to me.


They make you take the tests as most VA’s and including some VO’s strive for realism that’s all. If you fail the test don’t put yourself down that you’re a bad pilot, just take it as a leaning tool, then go back out and study on the areas you got wrong then take the test again and you’ll hopefully pass it, if not do the same again and again, you’ll get there. Never put yourself down.

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Hey @Simon_Botero,

There are many VAs out there that have no test to join, as well as integrated training programs (Example: Global Airtours and/or Thai Virtual).

Feel free to join one of those to learn before going big!

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Y’all are missing the point. OP just wants some practice problems to double check his knowledge of IF flight procedures. Let’s focus on that instead of trying to get him to join a training academy. :)

@Simon_Botero I would advise going over the procedures for calling inbound with active approach. I.e., “Is it proper procedure to check in and then request an ILS approach immediately after?”Hint, no it’s not. @Alphadog4646 also made a great point of checking out #tutorials; you’ll find that you can formulate a number of handy practice questions using the info from there. Best of luck!


@TaipeiGuru is my savior!

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@Simon_Botero, you mean @Ecoops123, right? 😂


Oh my.

So embarrassed when I saw that: I disrespected my IF idol 🤣

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