Do You Have Any Bad or Good Habits When Flying on live?

Some examples could be

-Turing Strobes on at the gate.
-Constantly flying as fast as your allowed
-Weird livery choices (Ryanair 227 inbound for landing 25L at KLAX)

-Always flying realistic flight plans
-Always using actual callsigns
-Making sure you have the exact amount of fuel needed for your flight



Not using unicom sometimes


-Using airport, SID and STAR charts
-Using a flight planner to generate a flight plan (so using live NATS and PACOTS data for example)
-Spawning at the airport I last landed at
-Turning on lights correctly

-Using autoland too often
-Disobeying TSATC commands in favour of realism and noise abatement procedures (but I guess some TSATC commands arent meant to be followed)
-Routing routes through tailwinds too often that I often fly in strong turbulence
-Flying jet planes with live cockpits way too often (I’m looking at you, the A320 series and the A350)


Good: (what I consider good)

• Using Unicom when there’s no one else around.

• Always using the correct airline and aircraft for a particular route. If it’s not available I just won’t do that flight.

• Always giving way to noobs and annoying people that push in front or taxi through me. It’s not worth it and it takes away the realism if I retaliate.

• Using lights at the correct times. No question.

• Doing everything I can to be realistic. Like even waiting a few minutes before I taxi to let the engines warm up or looking to see if anyone is on approach before I turn onto the runway (even on solo) 😂😂😂


Sometimes very occasionally ill speed up to M.89 if I’m in a hurry to start my next flight or if I have to go out 😶


Bad: parking at a gate far too small for my aircraft after a flight



  • never worrie about flying real life routes
  • spawn in a KLM 737 at Christchurch NZ
  • give way to everyone; you can all go first
  • use Unicom on a remote airport, so I don’t feel lonely
  • park my Spitfire at gate E1 at Schiphol on Casual
  • taking off on a (non-existing) mega long-haul that really is too long for my aircraft, and hope for some good tailwind
  • always, always prepare a (non realistic) flight plan


  • takeoff heavier than MTOW, and step-climb like a boss (or crash)
  • Park my Grade 5 aircraft at KLAX on Casual and let the newbies drool for a while

I have more Bad ones, but too ashamed to share 😊


There’s a new aircraft for grade 5…?

No I think @azeeuwnl is just saying (correct me if I’m wrong) that they go to KLAX to show all the unprofessional pilots what a good pilot they are 😂

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-Always fly realistic flight plans
-Always use actual calls signs
-Making sure i always have 30 minutes of reserve fuel.
-Never Dump Fuel

There’s new aircraft for grade 5?

It might be just me but i kinda feel like most of your ”good” habits are “bad”.

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Forgetting to tune NAV 1 on departure and only realizing it once I’m already on the runway 🤦‍♂️

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