Do you have a fixed callsign?

I was wondering if any of you have a fixed Callsign and if you do, how did you choose it?

I always have the airlines Callsign (e.g. British Airways = Speedbird) and ‘55’ as I just like the number, haha.

Is that the right way to go about it?



9V-KLS 4 life

If I’m flying a GA plane I use N490ME as that’s the callsign it randomly gave me the first time I went on Live. When flying a commercial plane I use the airline name followed by “4 9 0”.

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When flying GA (75% of the time) I use the same call sign, N986MJ.

When flying commercial (I really only fly the small number of real life routes) I use the real aircraft, livery and call sign for that route at that time of day

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When I’m doing a GA flight, N260WK. Most other times, it’s [Airline] 512.

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Mine are TravelSky flight number

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I am usually BU176M. That for life.

I use the airlines Callsign and then 2016 or if I go private I use MANX365

Airline - 351

My personal callsign is PMR997.

PMR Is purely my initials and I chose 997 because it sounds cooler than 123.

For commercial airlines I use callsign 23. The 23 is supposed to represent Michael Jordan’s jersey number.

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When I fly commercial (almost always) I use the airline name then 11 and my display name is IFC-nuoneswars

Always KYLE

I didn’t have one before but now, due to laziness I have one



I use G-Z4CH.

GA plane i use RP-C1432
For philippine airlines i use PR-079

I always fly with my va callsign: BANTER1

I vary mine all the time depending on airline, region and aircraft

UFO 640 always and forever.

I’m always the airliner, then ‘2362’

Either B-AVIA, D-SCJV, (Airline) (Aircraft ICAO) or a TravelSky callsign.

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