Do you have a cruise speed?

What you’re flying, do you set yourself a cruise speed (e.g. 300 kts or 350 kts etc) or do you just put the throttle up and leave it?

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Here are the different speeds I maintain with a 777:

Between ARPT ELEV and 5000ft MSL: 220kts.

Between 5000ftMSL and FL100: 245kts

Above FL100: Acceleration to 320kts (Cruise level ~ FL130 or FL140)

Then, I engage descent at -500ft/min.
I enter 240kts (to be sure to be below 250kts below FL100).

Once the plane has reached 240kts, I increase vertical speed (~ -1600ft/min).

Once reaching destination (before intercepting ILS) --> 170kts - Flaps 25. (trim 20%)
Once on the ILS --> 160kts - Flaps 30.
Approaching Minimums: 150-155kts.

Flare: Thrust Idle.

To answer your question, I maintain between 300 and 320kts.



It totally depends on the Cruise altitude.

I do never fly long routes, so I hardly ever climb above 12.000 ft. Depending on the aircraft, I do never exceed 330 KIAS.

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With a 737-800 when I flew from WSSS to WMKK my cruise altitude was FL260 and my cruise speed was 360 KIAS.