Do you hate it when a jet starts flying super close to you in Live?

  • Yes
  • No

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My choice is not there, it’s 50/50, depends on my mood and what phase of my flight.

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Happened to me only two times in one year of IF Live, so I’d say no…

I don’t think it’s bad, it’s in flight entertainment if anything.


OK. I sometimes chase random aircraft and fly with them, it makes for a fun flight!

It’s annoying if someone just intercepts me without warning when I’m in landing pattern and I’m not too bothered if I’m cruising but it can be fun if you do it as a planned escort

I like if someone flys with me but if they fly thouw me or into me i hate it.
But if they escort me i like it.


How can you make a POLL in a topic?
Plzz say how you have to do it.

He can like any post he wants.

Like means he likes it, hence the name


Because I agree with you.

Here you go Joost!

I’m one to blame! I sometimes pick a random flight, intercept in a fighter and escort them into their airport, I’m always really careful as to not crash into them. If they start flying erratically as to lose my chase, I’ll take the hint and break it off. On other occassions I have selected the same aircraft as another pilot, took off after them, and flown in close formation. Two A380s side by side flying at 30,000 is stunning. Personally I like it when a fighter or 2 intercepts me, adds to the experience. However once an unexpected fighter intercepted me, when we were coming into land, I was unfairly told to make the 360 for spacing, which I did, the fighter followed and I was told again to make a 360, from which point I ignored.

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I always do this! We should meet up and do it together!

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If they can maintain proper separation I have no problem. I once landed with a fighter inside my 208.,

Would bug me if I flew in live

I don’t live near any major airport, but when prop-planes fly over my house (at low altitudes, even worse) it’s quite loud. I live about 2 miles from an airport.

Depends on the person. I personally don’t mind.

Really interesting poll @B767fan! I am actually surprised by the results so far. Most members talk about this subject like it is an unforgivable sin. I’m glad to see there are others that enjoy formation flying!

This kind of makes me want to target more unknown pilots on the playground. Usually I stick to free flight for escorting. Thank you sir, keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the kind words! I do it on playground all the time!

63 voters! WOW! Thanks guys! 50% say Yes, 49% say No!