Do you guys think that Expert Server needs some changes?

              Expert Server

*I think Expert Server needs some changes
By changes I mean like when people just have half of FPL or trolling
Do you think they need to make the requirements higher on Expert Server

What you’re opinion on this topic???


Could you list some of the changes you’d like to see?

You requested change of nothing, I think your request been implemented when the expert server was born.


What changes do you think the Expert Server needs?

Please don’t create a topic and don’t tell us.

wasn’t done when posted it but now I am

What if someone is flying VFR and dont need to file an FPL, Are they restricted from flying on expert then? And people who troll on expert around IFATC areas (where most people on expert are located) are dealt with by controllers. I dont see how this improves anything.

@DylanIE some people do not fly VFR and they do a real life flight but haven’t completed their fpl

I think expert server sould improve by people doing a real life fpl unless its VFR

I think you miss understood the expert part, it applies as pilot has good knowledge of operating aircraft’s in safe manner and follow all the instructions from Atc. If you look at the grade tables FPL is not required atm. The way you describe might qualify as VA Server.

While I would love to see more professional behavior on expert (which has really let me down behavior wise recently) especially when there are large group flights, I just don’t think much changes can be implemented, Personally changing the Grade doesn’t do anything as there are tons of professional grade 3s like myself who just don’t have the time to reach grade 4 but utilize the expert server.


I think it’s good right now.
One thing I’d support is mods can instantly ghost someone they see trolling or 3 people with 0 ghosts and ghost someone they see trolling within 50 nm of each other.

Yah, I think some pilots have to act at very high professional level

Already implemented. We try our best to catch those ruining y’alls expierence.

We’ve had issues with this in the past. Not sure if it’ll make a debut into the sim.


Some what agree with this topic

Yes there’s changes that need to be made. I think they need to find a way to bring back the Center frequency for one. Just for the expert server.

I suspected mods could but couldn’t confirm it. I’m glad to know this. :)

There are also a number of feature requests around various aspects of the servers. Grade changes, etc. You may want to browse for some of those and vote on the ones you think may help.

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Expert server is fine. Training server needs help.

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In my opinion, the Expert Server looks fine for now, since everybody follows instructions. However there are a little problems we all face when:

Airports becomes too busy and pact with hundreds of people all gathered in one place, like I used to remember KLAX full, resulting me departing really late…

One thing that sometimes annoys me is a controller will say sometimes he’s not accepting aircraft at this time which is totally understandable if it’s busy but I check the radar and it airport has adequate space and there isn’t a lot of traffic in the sky…