Do you guys prefer a fancy sim or a realistic sim?

I wonder what do you guys want for future reference when I request feature. /[poll type=regular public=true]

    1. Fancy: add more stuff to make IF look fancy, such as more planes.
    1. Realism: add stuff to make IF behaves like real world such as auto flap controls and FADEC for planes

Definitely a realistic flight sim, although a Concorde or 732 wouldn’t hurt :)


Nvm, I was wrong.

I’m sorry, I was wrong. Change the () to [], then I think you need to add line between feature. (poll

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I’ve tried different flight sims and although IF does not contain full working cockpits I still prefer it over the others. It’s fun to spend time occasionally with the others but I always come back to IF. I enjoy the members that I typically fly with and using IFP with my flights. I prefer the simple controls, however I am looking forward to enhanced graphics as IF evolves further. I’m fortunate to be able to fly in real life, that’s all the realism I need 😉.


I get the idea you tried make a poll, but somehow that didn’t work out.

For me a Live multiplayer environment is the main feature I’m looking for in a flight sim, and no need for lots of hardware.

Flying characteristics I find very important. It needs to be realistic. A sim with a 1000 aircrafts, that all fly more or less the same has no value to me.

Realism rules 😎


More planes would be more realistic so

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Not necessarily

So it’s not true that there are dozens of different planes that we haven’t added?

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Realistic by far. Would LOVE to see
-Aircraft Systems
-More Advanced Autopilot/Flight manag
-Basic Fly By Wire (autotrim/protections etc) for airbus and B77/787
-Nav database that can be updated via subscription or every so often like Simbrief’s free version
-Voice ATC down the line
Other stuff that maybe falls into the “fancy” category:

  • buildings and night lighting
    -AI traffic
    Perhaps the above could even be 3rd party!

The bottom line here is that the devs are committed to providing us the best mobile Flight sim platform and they keep on giving us incremental improvements to the sim that keep getting us closer and closer to desktop class! It’s an exciting time!


I’d definitely enjoy a realistic sim better, but more planes never hurts anybody!


But let’s assume devs only have limited manpower :D

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Then realistic would be better 😂


Realism, IF Is a fun game but when it comes down to it if I could afford XPlanes or FSX I go with that. We use XPlane for long line training

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Definitely realism.

What do you get from having all sorts of new fancy stuff if there’s no difference between it? For example: A B787 behaves differently than a C152. You need realistic physics to set them apart.

Also: It’s called simulator. An unrealistic simulator wouldn’t be a simulator. It would be an arcade game.


But that by itself doesn’t make the sim realistic.

It’s a part of it, nonetheless

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