Do you guys notice a new devloper?

As the title says

Link to the new developer:

BTW you can see his call-sign in the A320 cockpit, look closely!

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Yea a new developer is a big deal

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I never knew about him except for Matt and Phillpe

Yes and he’s an Canadian. Ma fellow Canadian


If he is the guy who did the A320 model, fantastic work.

The A320 nose is HARD to get right, I’ve seen many an A320 model look perfect nose back, but the nose looks like a DC8, windows too small and so on.

This guy absolutely nailed it - nice work.

He is our 3d artist (mostly for aircraft for now), has been for a while.


Is he RGBa8? Or are they two seperate people?

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Rg and Jarno are different people.


I always thought @carmalonso was the 3rd developer 😜

Uh he is duhh. He is just covering for himself 😏