Do you guys know any small Airlines with GA aircrafts?

Hello Guys, I am traveling to am planning on traveling to ORD for my birthday and I don’t want to fly a major airline, do you guys know any Airline’s that are small.
If so please let me know in a post
Thanks for your help

I don’t know where else to post something like this
Based in Illinois or in the city of Chicago?
I would be flying out of Jacksonville FL


I doubt airlines fly GA to ORD. You would probably have to fly to a smaller airport in Chicago.

(Unless you can find a way to fly in the jump seat with Fedex)


There’s an airline called “Air Choice One” that flies Cessna 208’s in and out from a few cities/large towns in neighboring states.
Nothing nonstop from LGA though.


NetJets do LGA-ORD…

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I will actually be visiting Jacksonville Florida to see family and then go to ORD

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Doesn’t American fly a Embraer or a Dash from PIT-ORD??

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Could you tell me how I may be able to jump seat with FedEx, I don’t have any family in the airline though

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American flies a CRJ700 on that route. (flightaware)

I am driving New York to Jacksonville FL with my cousins and i will spend a day with them, then I want to fly to ORD from Jax

Some Cargo Airlines will do a ride along… Look into it.

Look into NetJets. They’re pretty good.


So I call the airline email them?
I don’t know about it if you don’t have family in the airline but I will try

Your not 21+ though… So I wouldnt do it

Ok, there’s an age limit.?

If you want to pay a bit more but have a luxurious flight… Try UP or NetJets and dp a charter flight.

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Your not going to fly with a pilot and co pilot by yourself… be real

No, I don’t want to travel luxuriously, Tell me more about jump seating if you don’t mind

In a cargo aircraft at door 1L and 1R there’s jumpseats outside of the cockpit and the cockpit door always stays locked, at least it should

I dont know any further… Call the airline about it or check their website…

Good Luck

Thanks for your help I will