Do you guys find it annoying when someone likes your old post?

Do you guys think it’s annoying when someone likes one of your old posts? I haven’t had it happen to me but I have been guilty of liking some old posts, do you guys find it annoying?


Not at all. There are going to be new users joining all the time (including myself) and as we search for topics etc I think it is likely going to happen. Perhaps seeing the like will create a new conversation as well.


I like your perspective on this!


Your old messages still remain in this forum for years after they have been posted. It shows that your past opinions and posts are still being viewed an appreciated. It’s a great feeling to have something recognised, even if you yourself don’t remember it.


It does feel nice to be appreciated here! It feels nice to be appreciated anywhere!


I quite like it when people like my older posts, it shows that they still value what i said back then, as time goes on your opinion, view on things in life and you yourself change, and compared to the opinions and posts i posted back let’s 5 months ago and those i post today, i find a difference in how i think and feel the way i do. When people occasionally goes to like my older posts a few months down the line, i get the feeling of that they like my thoughts i had back then and they also like what i have to say today, they are following with me on my journey through life, my change i’m going through. Sort of like, they acknowledge the changes that come with a human and continues on with that. Shows a appreciation towards what i have to say, showing respect to both older and newer opinions :)

To answer you Question in more simpler way: No, I don’t feel annoyed ;)

Mainly because when someone likes my older posts, i go back to them, read them and think afterwards, what is different with me today, and i reflect upon weather i like the turn i’ve taken in my life or not, is there something more i can improve right now that i can think of, and how have i evolved as a human.

I can go very in depth into this but i’ll end of by saying, reading my older posts gives my a slight nostalgia kick and it’s nice to see people liked what i had to say back then as well.


Wow!! That’s a great perspective on this! I also don’t mind a long answer!


You don’t mind, thanks! :)

Some can’t stand reading all i have to say, usually they out of hand and write a whole paragraph, haha.

But thanks, my perspective on things in life are quite broad, i could’ve said much more, but to narrow it down the most important part and to keep in a size where people don’t get bored to read, i kept it shorter than what it would’ve been.

Your welcome! I love to read especially when it contains more perspective, it’s annyoing when someone dosent read your answer just because it’s long.

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Yeah i feel like that happens sometimes, but when someone does like my posts, old or new, i know that, this person read, understood and agrees with me on my thought.

Also when someone counters my thoughts with a counter argument, stating otherwise, then i also know they read my posts, or if they add on to something i said, broaden my perspective with adding theirs.

Oh and btw, i’m a someone very much guilty of getting likes on my older posts as of you know by now, i get a few every week, haha, but i don’t mind the slightest :)

I wouldent mind either, I like to debate so if I do get a counter argument, I try to respect their terms but show my side

Yup, getting out your opinion is a strong thing to do, not to back down but to show, like hey i got this to say but i respect you point of view as well :)

Sometimes you may find more similarities than you ever though between you and the other person by debating with you viewpoints, you may end up in a discussion where, you share the same thoughts ;)

Anyways, back on topic, i have one last thing to say about this topic, that most people that like my older posts, they first like a new one, from there they though my profile to find a topic where i posted something and like it based on if they agree or no, that alone shows the huge amount of consideration, respect and value the show to me when going through that to see what other posts i’ve made, and other thoughts i’ve had or still have.

A like is a like! More likes you have, the better!

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I agree! It’s always nice to be appreciated!


I just appreciated you post!

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No, not at all! It shows that what you said has an effect on new users, that it was either funny or helped someone out, and that’s everything!

I like it when I get likes! It means that people are actually reading your posts!

I could wait a month or two to like this post, I wonder what might happen…? ;-)


I agree!!! I appreciate likes!

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I find it annoying when people spam mine just for the 50 like badge or whatever. But I think it is cool that people still checkout old posts.