Do you get XP from being a controller?


I like to control but I also really want more XP. Does anyone know if you get XP from being a controller?


i think no.

I don’t think so

No but you get ops (operation points). this is how the community manager looks how active you are (helps also for promotion) as an atc controller once you passed the atc test for advanced.

But what if I don’t have 25K XP? Does that mean I can’t become advance?

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@rotate Lol, are you filling in someone day off? Thanks buddy ;)

I have some examples, @StikLover2

He actually flies on Advanced.

I am almost always an ATC and I have 0 ops why!?

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you can only see it once they add you as an official advanced atc trainee. -but dont worry you are still gaining ops points while controlling on PG. i had like 2000 ops already (from PG practice) when i started as a trainee.