Do you get worried?

This might be a similar topic, and if it is, feel free to flag it:)
Any who, i was just wondering if and what people get worried about if they or when they have leave their device to go somewhere?

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Are you on about playing infinite flight and leaving your device?

Leaving their device after starting a long haul:)

I am only worried when my plane is below 15,000 feet and descending, and my mom calls me to the living room to see which earrings goes with her dress. There’s not really anything to be worried about as long as your plane is at a safe speed and altitude.


Well if you double check your speed and altitude and only leave once youre cruising then theres not much to worry about.


Yea makes sense:) but some people get worried if their game has crashed or their Ap disconnects, or they are just hoping nothing happens when they are away from their device

I don’t get worried on long hauls, i am just wondering if people do and why:)

If you have your sim on the lowest settings on a lower end device, then I dont think that it will crash. But many people have little siblings that like to disconnect the AP when they arent looking 😂


yea:) i am in a medium haul right now:) and it made me think, do people get worried when they have to leave their device so i though i would ask the community:)

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I have searched high and low and found no other topics similar to yours

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Sometimes, yes.

I am unsure of the outcome and time and time again I’ve had issues.

Let’s say when I was doing my Alaskan scenery flight (Alaskan Glory), I extended it down to Mexico, since I wanted to sleep, but my nose pitched up, then the plane ran out of lift and started slowly descending into the oblivion of the Central American mountains or something. Pretty funny to watch such a slow death in a replay, however sad that I didn’t get the landing and full XP that I anticipated.

Also, I once woke up to a 151 knot headwind on my way to New Zealand… That headwind extended my estimated time by 3 hours and I had reserved fuel for just 2h. When I woke up, I saw that I wouldn’t have enough fuel, I also had to go out, so I just decided to end the flight.

Being aware of Your surroundings is always important, so I recommend doing it as much as possible, perhaps checking the weather and stuff while You’re away and able to do so.

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Yes very, and everybody should too, everyone should not leave their devices unattended during climb or descent, because many things can happen, including, passing through an active airspace and getting ghosted, descending below 10000ft at more than 250kts, or even when you reach climb before you leave and go do your business you should check if the altitude is safe for the load of your aircraft, otherwise you may stall and that definitely won’t be pretty 💩

I take 5-6 hours depending on where i am going, in case i get a nasty headwind

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very true:)

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Yeah, I’m not sure why didn’t I take more. Perhaps aircraft fuel capacity limitations, I don’t remember.

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Yes I do. For some reason my cat likes to disengage my autopilot. When I leave the room, I take my headphones out and turn my volume on max so that if it disengages I hear it


Yes, Flying on ES I do get worried if I do overnighters. It’s scary and I pray that IFATC isn’t in the airport below me when I sleep.
I don’t get worried on TS as much though

Well, if you are at cruise, you don’t have to worry about answering ATC they shouldn’t be contacting you at cruise:)

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You mean IFATC? :)

I’m not worried about TS atc I’m worried about speed vios or A/P disengagement. :)

I only worry when leaving the device and always take a second look without touching it after nearly crashing the last time I left my device as I accidentally touched the A/P button leaving it…

Otherwise all worry-free with LiveFlight tracking!