Do you get violations when you sit on a runway that you spawned on?

So if you spawned into a class bravo airport and wanted to file a flight plan but we’re on the training server or expert server would you get violations for being on the runway or would it accept that you are on a runway?
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Now your title and post are slightly conflicting, let me clear things up for you. On live, you can’t spawn on a runway like you can in solo, so that’s that. (Except in some uncontrolled (purple) aerodomes But then there probably won’t be other planes so you’ll be fine)

If you taxi onto a runway and linger there on training server, you won’t get a violation, but you’ll probably get a lot of annoyed pilots that will end up getting impatient and taking off into you. On a controlled airport on expert, IFATC can ghost (report) you for idling, as it affects other pilots trying to perfect realism.

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You should actually get violations if you idle on the runway on TS and Expert without a controller clearance to LUAW, multiple violations can lead to a system ghost. On casual and solo it’s fine but not advised.


Oops, thanks for the correction!

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Let me correct you on that, you will need to spawn in the runway at airports that don’t have gates because they haven’t been edited the Airport Editing team, not because they are purple, there’s a lot of “blue” airports that also don’t have gates.


Yes if there is no gate so that you have to spawn on the runway, then it’s best to move off the runway whilst you do your flight plan etc


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