Do You Get Used to Engines Sounds Near Airports

I was just wondering, to all those who stay directly under the flight path, (whether taking off
or landing above your house) do you get used to all the noise or you have your houses noise / sound proofed?

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Are you talking about a flight path in real world aviation

Yes sir that’s exactly what I mean, thank you

you mean for people who are living near airports, are we used to the noise?
well I do hear planes but the airport I live near is not that busy, but I would love to live neare the airport and watch planes, no matter noise

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I am used to the sound.

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People living near the airports

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Ok so I live near KSNA and the planes fly directly over me when they’re at around 6000ft. It’s pretty much only 737 and A320s. You can hear it during the day just barely. At night though when everything is silent it’s it’s not loud but it’s just kinda annoying to fall asleep because it is a little loud. It doesn’t bother me too much because I love aviation. We get other military stuff behind the house and the whole house will seriously vibrate and things will fall off the shelf

Oh great so I guess it sounds just like cars driving past to you at this stage

Well I’m a weird person in general. I like the sound of dentists drilling, so engines are mediocre at best.

Awesome, when you love something it don’t matter you find a way to deal with it. 💪

The only thing is the military helicopters. Read my post again because I updated it

I live next to LOWS so i only have smaller planes like the A-320,737 and Dash so it is not that loud. You will get used to it and it is a nice challenge to guess the plane by the engine sound

😂😂Okay, didn’t think of a Dentist drilling, that must be eerie, but hey that’s you


Great to know and am sure it’s exciting you kinda not hear the noise nomore

So you don’t have Fighters at your airport, are those engines not too loud?

Click here, here and here. The Osprey is super loud. (1st on the list) These are the 3 that fly over me

I live on the EGBB 15 approach and planes normal approaching at 3500ft and you get use to the noises

I have seen 3 F-16s fully loaded flying at about 200 feet above the lake in Arizona. They’re airport is a major fuel stop so you get to see a lot of cool military aircraft

Oh wow okay, now I gotchu, I can’t even begin to imagine those propeller sounds.

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The osprey sound like a helicopter on steroids time 5

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