Do you get credit in solo

Hi I’m landing every plane on infinite flight solo I wanted to know do I get credit on my landings

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No, landings only count on live


I don’t think so, I don’t think you get XP or anything related to IF live

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Dang it I would have gotten like 100 landings


Live. You have to go onto a training server but be careful because there are rules and regulations to follow!!!


Read about the violations and whatever you do, don’t rack them up. It’s very, very easy to do in some of the bigger and more advanced aircraft. My advice to you is to start out small, learn the different ways to do different things, and then slowly move up to bigger aircraft. If you rack up too many violations, you will not progress through the grades.

Casual works too.

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10xp per minute. You get credit for landings.

Casual should stay how it is with bonuses issued on servers with enforced rules.

You do get XP on casual, the only thing you wont get on casual are violations or be ghosted. As long as your on live on any server you will get XP for landing and flying.

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