Do you find the Training Server ATC irritating sometimes?

hey, do you guys feel the atc on training server are irritating sometimes ?
like when on gate they keep asking you to tune in, give wrong instructions, take off two planes at a time, land when plane taking off…i know its training but still come on…



It’s called Training Server for a reason. Most of the controllers are training and/or practicing.

There are plenty of great Training Server ATC’s out there, but if you are looking for consistent high quality service then I recommend taking a look at the pinned ATC schedule and flying on the Expert Server if you are able to.

Keep in mind anyone can open up a ATC frequency on training, but you have to be a certified IFATC controller to open on the Expert Server.


true…ifatc is like heaven…there are great training server atc…some are just there for trolling around


I hate the tranning atc i keep reporting im gonna land very very soon but they still let planes takeoff so i end up having to cancel landing and go around and they keep giving me wrong instructions.
By the way sorry for my bad english im from denmark


Exactly…its irritating…your english is good 😉

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I just want to reiterate the fact that this is Training Server. You can’t expect flawless service from controllers on the Training Server as most of them are merely doing that, Training.

Irritating but I’ve done a few training server ATC time and it really helped broaden my understanding of IF and aviation in general.

It’s true but its training

Well when I fly on the training server I try to stay away from KLAX because sometimes I want a different runway but all they give me is 25R


It doesn’t irritate me. If they’re giving incorrect commands I ignore them and hopfully they will get the message. I once had quiet a long ‘conversation’ with ATC at London City EGLC who wanted me to cross runway 27 on ground frequency rather than back-taxi me on tower frequency. We had numerous on guards, request for take off, cross runway, continue taxi etc but I stayed at the hold short, kept switching to tower and didn’t move until he got it right. I eventually got a thank you during my back taxi and I said your welcome.


Not more irritating than some pilots on TS distrupting everyone else:
“unable” “unable” “unable”
Flight xxxxx please expedite!
“Unable! (I wanna land where n how i wanna)”

Lol!! Whatre u talkin about, its the TRAINING ground, trolls, casuals and faithful pilots/controllers looking forward to join expert mixed in one classroom :D

And the teacher just sat there in the corner thinking, “wait 'till you guys get on the real world” (my analogy to ES :p )


i know its training…but some are not there to learn, most are trolls…

haha lol…its true

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I wouldn’t say most. Trolling is only when it is done with malicious intent.

Being honest, most controllers that come across as ‘trolls’ just don’t have any knowledge on what they’re doing.

haha…yea true

Keep an eye on the open ATC Tracking Threads, the Controllers preparing for IFATC usually provide a very good service, even on training server. :)


I do. When I used to do SFO-LAX, they would always vector me into a mountain, but like I said before, I thought that they could ghost me…

Even on training server ?

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I don’t think people should compare IFATC to training Server ATC. IFATC has to pass an exam, while anyone Grade 2 or above could ATC on Training. Even if their completely new.

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No i mean is there a schedule for them in training ?