Do you experience any issues on the playground server?

Please vote and I’ll send straight away to IF support who is able to deal with if there is enough numbers of voters.

Thank you very much for your help.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know
  • Having issue that on ATC side that aircrafts are disappearing or to be Unknown and unable to control
  • Having issue that on pilots side that you can’t send commands to ATC
  • Habing issue that on pilots side that your ATC controller doesn’t responds to you even there is controller.

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i have experienced some disconnection, 12h ago…

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Thank you for specific information:) I think it is helpful for developers to fix the problem for find.

Argh! ATC problems!

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The not being able to respond and the not being able to get a reply come from inter-region flights on Playground and Advanced. Doing that on those are banned.

I closed this since issue is seems to be disappeared or may be fixed or not!?

“Having an issue with pilots not following instructions”

Yes!, Indeed!

But seriously, I don’t REALLY have issues, maybe an unknown plane from time to time, and rarely a disconnection. :P

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Yeah, that right!
Anyway issue is looks like has been disolved:)

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