Do you earn a different amount of experience in different planes?

Say u fly and Airbus from KNUC to KLAX, and then fly a Cessna from KNUC to KLAX. Will you earn the same amount of experience for both flights? And does it matter how heavy the plane is, or what your cruzing altitude was?


I do know you will gain more XP with the Cessna, only because it takes longer to fly to the destination. You earn 10 XP for every minute of flying, no matter what plane or what mode, manual, auto, some auto, it’s all 10 XP per flying minute.


You earn most points on landing, and points are determined by how smooth the landing and approach are, as well as the difficulty level due to crosswinds.
I can get 150xp for a smooth landing in 5kt winds, and 277 XP for a 31kt crosswind landing.

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Extremely helpful, Thank you


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