Do you do Career Mode?

Hi !

I am curious for IFC who play IF a lot. Do you do Career Mode? (Where you start off where you left off) or do you spawn somewhere random?


I started for AAVA a few months ago, I would definitely recommend career mode for flights in a VA


Do I eck. No.

For IFAE flights Yes
General Flight Nope


Yes I do this mode - and have done so for years.


For SWVA, and any other potential VA’s, heck yes. It just adds so much to realism.

I only do so within a day. So one day I can be flying career mode in one region while another day is devoted to another region.

On Sunday I flew SKCL-SKRG-SKBQ-MPTO and on Tuesday MPTO-SKCG-SKBO.

Today i just flew in Norway from ENTC-ENBO-ENVA-ENAL-ENBR-ENZV-ENGM in one run.

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Generally speaking, yes. Sometimes it’s a deadhead or train ride in between though ;)


I usually do a career mode style unless I’m doing a group flight and often times I pick a different origin for my long hauls, or not do a long haul for that night and just start where I would’ve landed the next morning.

I personally do and when I created my VA, that was something I kept in mind. It keeps the realism and looks good in my logbook :)

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For El Al Virtual: Yes
In General: No

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My VA has a career mode but I don’t do it that often really.

I have a va that do career mode I’ve applied for it and I do sometimes it

I do career mode for all of my VA’s but for general flying and flying just for fun, I fly from wherever I want.

I always takeoff from where I landed and fly real world routes. The realism in doing this makes it more fun for me.


This might be a dumb question but what is career mode?

This @DiscoPanda
Essentially only spawning at the last airport where you were after your last flight and after each flight you proceed to your next destination from your current location
And some VA’s have this option for pilots above certain ranks. And I believe the IFAE and GAF have it as well but idk

UVAL has it. Otherwise no.

I do but I’ll do it with each airline and aircraft

For example with the QR A359 if I fly OTHH-KPHL my next flight in QR A359 will be from KPHL

Never had done career mode once
Maybe i might try to do it in the future