Do you do a immediate turn after takeoff ?

I don’t like to turn immediately after rotation, unless it’s necessary at certain airports.

Of course it fits in the delicate ballet that is ATC. With 22 arrivals/departures here the turn out climbs traffic above the inbounds descending via the ROBUC3 STAR (the JFUND.22L isn’t conflicted with the departures)

The Blue arrow represents the base/final to 22L from TAALE while the green arrow represents the climbout from 22R.


We should. At least on expert.

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I usually stay straight out for 2-10 miles then turn. I do not turn immediately.

For me turning straight after takeoff determines whether the SID I do requires it but you then also have to make sure it ATIS has straight out departures.

I do, i feel a straight out departure isnt much fun to fly manually(or good pictures ). In real life it may be done to fly through a gap in the clouds orarea with smoother climb.

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Hey, even if departing VFR turning shortly after takeoff isn’t uncommon. The most safe procedure if doing this is to fly a little traffic pattern, but keep climbing as you do, leaving the pattern once it makes sense. I don’t do this too commonly, instead opting to turn at the standard 500’ AGL. Of course it’s necessary to scan for traffic and turn behind them as necessary, but climbing runway heading for several thousand feet is usually wasteful.

If an IFR departure is direct to some fix, turning at 400’ AGL is common. If tower wants you to climb out runway heading, they’ll specify this. I’ve almost always gotten “proceed on course, cleared for takeoff”. The few times I’ve been asked to fly runway heading, approach has cleared us to go direct almost immediately.

Anything less than 400/500 is pretty dumb for obstacle clearance, but I guess it’s allowed.


I do this as long as it’s allowed. If I have to do straight out departures, I won’t turn immediately after. But usually I’ll fly runway heading for a bit then turn.

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I was recently watching planes at Gravely point when they were taking off north, and almost immediately banking to do a reverse river visual and it was a sight to behold for sure. And quite fun in the sim. Obviously not realistic though in 95% of cases as @Tim_B has been pointing out. So with the exception of special cases like DCA I generally do not do what is pictured since eaven in those cases they are rarely in a bank with a few thousand feet of runway left. Eaven in DCA whare an immediate turn is required they all waited till atleast the end of the runway…

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Same thing in Nantes airport.
(Planes avoid flying over houses)

I do that when there’s an obstacle (St Maarten or Paro) or if I’m doing a pattern and there’s no conflicting traffic in the vicinity and also making sure that I don’t mess up the sequence by cutting someone off.

Do you like to turn immediately after takeoff ? By the way, it is called a localizer.

For me it depends on if I’m at a busy airport or not. For example I’m at LAX on Training Server I will fly the heading of the runway and go about 1 mile over the ocean then turn. If I’m at Salt Lake (SLC) I will turn immediately after getting off the ground.

No I don’t to do that. I like to carry on the runway heading for a little while and then start turning.

I always depart straight out. Usually past the ILS.

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I usually go out a bit and then turn a little.

The spirit behind the “straight out departures” in the ATIS is more for parallel runways to prevent people from crossing into the paths of other aircraft. Most will get 0.5 feet off the ground and turn on NAV which makes the plane turn around most of the time and interfere.

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For me, it depends on 2 things:

1. The SID I am following
2. The real life flight I am mimicking

This is one of the reasons why I don’t fly to IFATC areas very often because the airspace traffic can get unrealistic quickly.


For example, a standard SID from SFO Airport departing 1R is to takeoff, turn right, and fly over OAK before continuing toward your destination. Departing 1L, and heading south, you would normally depart, then turn left immediately and then head south. Due to the popularity of SFO in IF, many IFATC controllers add “straight out departures only” meaning I would have to fly runway heading until I reach the end of the cone before I can even think about turning, which is unrealistic.

Now, let’s take SJC into consideration. Whenever Tyler features SJC in the IFATC schedule, sometimes he adds airports alongside SJC for the same day but are not as popular as SJC. As a result of this, SJC is crowded for the day. Whenever an area is crowded, IFATC controllers like to put “straight out departures only.” This is especially unrealistic for SJC because every departure from SJC has to follow the right loop procedure. Departing straight out means you would directly interfere with SFO arrivals, making the departure in IF unrealistic.

Of course, IF airspaces can be different from real world airspaces so IFATC “can’t have realistic procedures” all the time. You can look at the thread below. This is the main reason why I don’t fly into IFATC areas very often.


Well no that’s what I do usually

So many planes turning in LHR.

Planes avoid flying over houses.